Our Team

Our Team

Susie Penny

 Susie Penny grew up here in Traverse City and graduated from Central High School in 1971, afterward she went off the college studying to become a dental assistant. It only took the first outing from college to go and observe in a Dental office that she realized this was not for her! So back to Traverse City she went and started working for a Veterinarian, Dr. Wynn, and this is where she shined. Quickly loving this work, she realized while prepping dogs for surgery there was a great need for a grooming shop in Traverse City and eventually went off to Grooming School, returned and opened The Clipper Dog Grooming shop in 1977.
This was the perfect business for Susie with her outgoing, fun loving personality and her tremendous love for dogs. Not only did she fill a need for the area, but she filled a need in herself being around dogs and meeting so many new people who have become so much a part of her life. This was and still is the perfect match for Susie and she loves her work as much today as she did the day she opened The Clipper Dog Grooming.

Dawn Ward

Dawn Ward grew up in a Dog Show family in the greater Detroit area. As Dawn grew up around so many show Danes and assisting her mom in her endeavors throughout her childhood, she naturally gravitated to those things that were all about dogs. Her mom taught her how to groom and she groomed in several shops in the Detroit area. After some time, Dawn’s mom opened a grooming school and Dawn became a grooming instructor as well.  With Dawns keen knowledge of grooming and her calm gentle nature with not only dogs, but with people, this was a perfect fit! She was a great teacher for the school and the students loved her.
 She eventually set out on her own and moved up to Northern Michigan and opened her own grooming shop in East Jordan. She eventually moved into Traverse City area and found her way to The Clipper Dog Grooming shop where she brought her years of knowledge and skills. 

Rhonda (Rhonnie) Hodge

Rhonda (Rhonnie) Hodge grew up in Traverse City. She is an animal lover found her perfect fit at The Clipper Dog Grooming. Rhonda was already in the Dog Show world when she went to Susie in 1981 and asked her if she would teach her to groom. After much convincing and a promise she would not regret teaching her the skills of dog grooming and that she would become her hardest worker, Susie agreed and the rest is History. A breeder, handler, trainer and rescuer of dogs grooming was her perfect fit. After 34 years of grooming at The Clipper, she is still going strong, still loving her job, loving the dogs and people she has met over the years. When she is not working she rides her horses and is already a published Author and is now writing children’s books as well.

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